Peace, Love & Misunderstanding (BLU-RAY)

Peace Love & Misunderstanding

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, October 2, 2012
Running Time: 
92 mins

Jane Fonda as a hippy, pot-smoking grandma? Some things just test the limits of my imagination. 

Well ok, maybe it's not as unbelievable a role as it might seem. She plays it perfects and the film is better for it. Here's the basic rundown: Catherine Keener plays a middle-aged mother of two who is abruptly divorced by her husband at the beginning of the movie. With nowhere else to turn, she returns to the countryside, to Woodstock where her mom (Jane Fonda) still lives. Whereas Catherine's character is uptight and has a hard time letting go and having fun, Jane's character loves life to the full and essentially parties whenever there's an opportunity. Because their mom's disciplined ways, her two children have never experienced the free-wheeling ways of their grandmother. So when mom and daughter are reunited, it makes for some interesting family times and discussions.

And that's really the heart of this movie: family dynamics and what happens when different sides of the family have wildly different life experiences and expectations. As these types of movies go, this one isn't too bad. This general style of film doesn't normally appeal to me, but there's enough here for me to enjoy and recommend. Keener and Fonda are really solid, as is Jeffery Dean Morgan and the rest of the cast. It's not a perfect movie, but it's fun enough for what it is. There are some genuinely funny moments, and as well as some truly heart-warming ones. It looks nice on Blu-Ray, but it definitely doesn't take full advantage of the format in terms of the extras. The bonus features include a featurette and the trailer, so obviously they didn't max out the space on the disc.

All that said, this is an enjoyable, quirky movie. It wasn't fully my cup of tea, but I liked it for what it is. If any of the cast appeals to you, you definitely should check it out.

Jeremy Hunt
Review by Jeremy Hunt
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