Perry Mason: The Seventh Season, Vol. 2

Perry Mason

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

In the second half of Perry Mason, Season 7, we get fifteen episodes, all remastered and presented in the set. Perry (Raymond Burr) and his assistant Paul Drake (William Hopper) sort through the clues of murder to free their clients from their respective prison sentences. With so many murder cases falling into Mason’s lap can he perform his skillful courtroom strategy to free al of his clients, or are some of them guilty as charged?

For a show that was first aired in 1957, Perry Mason, especially in this era where crime shows have sprung up like weeds throughout the networks, is still a relevant piece of television history. Raymond Burr, who was a rather large and imposing figure as the titular character, played his role as Mason with a deadpan delivery that somehow managed to seem threatening, considering the fictitious lawyers winning ways in the courtroom. It also helped that the cops and P.I.’s Mason meets through the series look and speak to him with a high level of regard. The show and Burr’s delivery did an excellent job setting the characters legend in stone that has been preserved throughout the years.

The series was adapted from detective novels written by Erle Stanley Gardner. Though, seeing as how the courtroom drama’s have been so many and most rehash the same formulated cases, Mason managed to cast the right people for each episode making them seem all the more interesting, In the first episode Joyce Bulifant (The Mary Tyler More Show, The Bill Cosby Show) is cast as Nancy Banks, a client of Mason’s that gives him track tickets to redeem should her bets pay off the racetrack. An odd requests, but Bulifant plays Banks so ditzy, and with her trademark voice, every word registers and sets up the episode and her character to supply both motive and doubt. Other special guest stars include Ryan O’Neil (Barry Lyndon, Love Story, Bones), David McCallum (The Man From U.N.C.L.E., NCIS), Jerry Van Dyke (Coach, My Mother The Car), Peter Breck (Thunder Road, Black Saddle).


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