Phat Girlz

Phat Girlz

On DVD: 
Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Running Time: 
98 minutes

Jazmin is slowly getting sick and depressed about her life. She works at a thankless job at a clothing store and has big dreams of designing clothes for curvy women like herself. But her boss won’t give her a chance. To unwind Jazmin, her friend, and her thin cousin often go to clubs; but this makes things worse for Jazmin as she has to sit by and watch as a man after man throw themselves at her cousin and completely ignore Jazmin. Everyday Jazmin feels the pressures from society to be thin and lose weight, so she attempts many different diets. But when she ends up winning a spa week her life will change forever. Traveling with her cousin and friend in tow Jazmin meets the man of her dreams and he even finds full figure curvy women attractive.

From previews I thought this was going to be your very basic love story were the girl removes her glasses and is all of a sudden hot thus finding the man of her dreams. Boy was I wrong. It is a lot deeper than that. There is romance, there is comedy; but there is also the pressure that so many women feel in this world to be thin. But throughout the story Jazmin comes to terms and realizes that the pressures society put on you don’t mean anything it is how you feel about yourself. The love story that you thought would be the main story comes in second to this lesson. But don’t worry they have enough comedy involved that you don’t feel it is too preachy; but the meaning isn’t shoved aside either. There is also a decent amount of bonus features included: commentary by director Nnegest Likke, extended version, deleted & alternate scenes, a tribute to producer Bobby Newmyer, blooper reel, the director’s diary, and a making of Phat Girlz. If the trailers kept you from seeing this I would say give it a shot because they certainly did not give Phat Girlz justice.

Review by BT Wood