Plan B

Plan B

On DVD: 
Tuesday, May 2, 2006
Running Time: 
100 minutes

Fran (Keaton) is shocked by the death of her husband; but even more when she is approached by Joe, a mob boss, that tells Fran she will now have to work for him since her husband owed him money. When Joe is about to be killed Fran steps in to help him out and is mistaken as an assassins. This catches Joe’s attention so he offers Fran her way out finally; but only if she takes out a few mob bosses. Fran comes up with a different and odd plan b. Instead of killing them she kidnaps them and takes them to her brother’s house in Florida. At first there is some resistance; but soon the mob bosses realize that this is their chance out and want to help Fran get out too.

This was very slow moving for me. The beginning drags along as you are shown over and over how clumsy and meek Fran is. It takes awhile for the story to unfold and get to the amusing part of mob bosses on vacation and once it gets there it is a little too late. Diane does her best; but I feel her skills (along with everyone else’s are under used). Perhaps if they had shorten this down 20 minutes or more the movie may have moved better; but left as it is it really seems like it is a first take throughout.

Review by Lisa Wincott