In Theatres: 
Feb 06, 2009
Running Time: 
111 Minutes

In 1945 the Nazi Party began experimenting on people who they believed possessed psychic powers, trying to obtain the perfect soldier. When the Nazi’s were defeated the experiments continued only in many different countries. Now, scattered all over, are people who possess certain qualities; Sniffers, Shifters, Movers, Watchers, and Shadows, all people with extraordinary psychic abilities. One country is just a few small steps away from perfecting their perfect soldier and standing in their way are two unlikely heroes, a Mover and a Shifter.

Even though this idea has been around for years its still a relatively fresh concept. People with amazing powers living among us, a government conspiracy, you know the drill. Unfortunately Push just doesn’t have what it takes to keep the story intriguing throughout. It wants to play itself off as some shifty intellectually charged sci-fi suspense picture but simply wastes to much time trying to be clever and far to much time utilizing the many different powers in the film to no meaningful use. Your never really given time to get familiar with the characters so your never fully invested. The director must have had in mind that your going to associate Chris Evans with being a superhero, seeing as he’s already played one in the abysmal Fantastic Four series, and that you automatically invest a paternal or universal attachment to Dakota Fanning because, despite her being a lot older now, still comes off as a child we have watched grow. This of course does not happen. As for Camilla Bell, well your not given much by way of either story nor in terms of acting. Bell, who seems to be one of the main plot points in the film, carries a wooden demeanor with her throughout the film that doesn’t help you care weather or not she makes it through the film. Sadly no one really coveys enough emotion or follows through on a decent storyline to make you care much.

For a sci-fi film Push has a lot of cool scenery, I especially enjoyed the fish market scene, but once you strip away the psychic power angles your not left with much. The overall story is weak and the acting in the film not a whole lot better. There are times when your going to find yourself enjoying the film but in the end, chances are, if you really came to be entertained, you're going to find yourself extremely disappointed. People walked out of my theater before the movie had concluded and of course people clapped when it was over, in a positive way, I think, so if anything the film has a 50/50 chance of reaching its audience, whomever that maybe. If its you I say enjoy and if not, well you’d probably be better off checking something else out. 

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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