Queen V: The Decade of Queen V

The Decade of Queen V

(Queen V)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, June 25, 2013

One of the perks of being a music & film writer is that you tend to come across material you otherwise never would have, Queen V’s, The Decade of Queen V, is one of those wonderful perks that makes me grateful for being able to do what I do.

The album, as the title somewhat suggests, covers ten years of Queen V’s reign (though from what I’ve dug up on V, she’s been in the game since 1996). The album features songs from previous albums featuring special guests like Jon Paris (Revolution Baby), Tom Morello (My Machine), and Lemmy (Wasted). Also included is the new track Cry Your Eyes Out.

From the get go I was completely blown away. V is not only a gifted sounding vocalist but a skilled guitar player as well. Vocals range from snarling to a more tandem classic rock/current hard rock sounding focus (think Aerosmith meets Theory of a Deadman). The album has an impressively diverse amount of lyrical content that borders on the traditional rebellious rock topics to lighter material that reveals a softer side. Her guitar work defines the hard rock category with beefy power chords and impressive cuts that ramp up the adrenaline of the album from Million To One to Die For You. It’s nostalgic, but always sound current. Clearly an artist ahead of her time.

How V isn’t big in the mainstream is beyond me. Looking at the current trend of female performers, not many hold a match to the power, the passion, and the ingenuity of what V has been up to in the past decade. Sad really, but that’s the state of things today. Well worth throwing your support behind though. So go check out her music and discover something great. Enjoy.

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