Resident Evil: Retribution (BLU-RAY)

Resident Evil: Retribution

On Blu-Ray: 
Friday, December 21, 2012
Running Time: 
95 minutes

I decided to give this franchise a shot back when it first appeared on the scene and found that I was not a fan. Aside from a screening of the last Resident Evil film I had been successful. With RE: Retribution finding its way into my workload I shrugged and figured the franchise must have gotten better to warrant yet another return to the series. I was wrong.

There is a lot about Resident Evil that I hated. The acting is wooden, aside from Jovovich in some scenes, Arayana Engineer (who plays Jovovich’s daughter in the film) in all her scenes, and Michelle Rodriguez, especially when she‘s kicking ass. The script trudges along through bad slow motion fight sequences filled with clumsy wire work and so much posing you’d think Jovovich was doing a modeling job. The film plays out like a very long and tedious advertising campaign for cars, Gamestop, Reebok, etc. Worse, the film is progressed by conveniences and massive plot holes. It was just a horrible film. With that said, how did it look on BD?

Surprisingly for such a lackluster film Resident Evil boasts a reference quality picture and sound. Sometimes it’s too good making the picture look a bit fake but can’t knock it for being perfect.

~Two audio commentary tracks
~Deleted and Extended Scenes: The film has so many terrible plot holes in why not show one extended scene where Ada gets captured as she comes through a perfectly circular hole in the street. There are several others coming in at just under 13 minutes total.
~Project Alice - Interactive Database: Interactive is no joke. Access character files, video clips, and more with this immersive feature.
~Maestro of Evil - Directing Resident Evil Retribution
~Evolving Alice: A look at the characters evolution from RE to RE: Retribution.
~Resident Evil: Reunion
~Design and Build - The World of RE: Retribution
~Drop (Un) Dead: The Creatures of Retribution
~Resident Stuntman: A look at the fight sequences (not really much to be proud of) and how the fight sequences were created with 3D in mind.
~Code: Mika
~RE: Retribution- Face of the Fan
~Capcom Game Trailer


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