Ride Along 2

Time heals wounds, creates canyons, and blurs memories; giving a magical girl style transformation to what was a decent, middling first foray into something more elevated and deserving of a sequel.

I remembered Ride Along as a goofy, but overall funny, recommendable comedy. When I heard of sequel, I thought it a good idea. Ice Cube was such a great, grim straight man to Kevin Hart’s wacky, effusive, sometimes slapstick humor.

Thus, I was so puzzled by the telegraphed jokes and flat punchlines in Ride Along 2, I decided to take a look at the predecessors Rotten Tomatoes page. Ride Along, the original, scored an 18% with critics, however, I take this with a grain of salt. The real merit of a movie lies between the critic percentage and the audience percentage of…..59%?! The reviews are rotten on all sides!

Time is a liar.

James (Ice Cube) & Ben (Kevin Hart) reunite for more buddy cop antics just a few days before Ben is to get married to James’ sister, Angela. Ben is still desperate to prove himself as a cop and man in Ben’s eyes.  James wants to prove to his sister Angela that Ben is not the man for her. Laws are violated, costumes are donned, fast cars driven...fast.

It isn’t that I was expecting tremendous plot or revelations in storytelling. The only thing I was looking for was fresh laughs. Olivia Munn does give an interesting, tough, refreshing & funny performance as Ben’s taciturn soulmate, Maya. However, the rest of the film is stale.

However, the genuine laughs are few and very far in between. What once was charming and outrageous of Ben, is now grating.  James is so closed off and quiet, you begin to wonder what trauma has he experienced. It is quite possible that it may have been he saw the first Ride Along

Maria Jackson
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