Rie Sinclair: Bee Sides

Bee Sides

(Rie Sinclair)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, May 29, 2012
Favorite Album Track:

Awaken Love

Rie Sinclair’s Bee Sides EP is a fantastic little slice or pop heaven. That can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on just how far you’ve ventured down the rabbit hole. Because there have been so many female vocalists/pianist who have crowded around the same love/hate relationship  theme of song writing that it’s starting to look like more habit then personal emotional journey it’s almost impossible to gauge sincerity. It also doesn’t help that Rie Sinclair has basically created a career out of writing theme songs for day time soap operas, basically becoming an on tap singer/songwriter for the networks. So what made me love this EP anyway?

For starters the production on this album is remarkable. Every note, every percussion hit, everything is so fine tuned that you grasp the entire scope of what’s happening in every song. It seems the individuals behind production of each song, that would include Sinclair herself, have the experience and know how to make the most of the music and the atmosphere to create an undisturbed setting for the music.

Secondly Rie Sinclair, though at times her voice is similar to various other female performers, has a great command for vocal delivery. Most of the songs follow that old routine of the old love/hate relationship theme but her delivery and tone are extremely convincing. I don’t know if this music and performance were stirred from somewhere deep within her soul connected to some real life heartbreak, but you believe it when you hear it. At times her voice is commandingly beautiful and other times simply a perfect reflection of pop display. Either way it’s handled with believability.

The album is a short four song stint, which really is a shame because now I have to go out and track down some of her previous work, but well worth checking out of you get the opportunity. For a listener whose female singer/songwriter albums can probably be handled in one hand it’s not always easy for me to find an act that I really end up loving but Rie Sinclair is it. Looking forward to discovering more of her music. Enjoy.

AJ Garcia
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