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Tuesday, March 25, 2014
I came into Robotics; Notes in a bi of a rush. I kind of knew I was going to review Part 2 of the series so I quickly rushed over to Funimation to view as much of part one as I could. Mind blown. 
The initial story is that Akiho, whose psycho for robots, one particular robot in general (Gunvarrel) is the leader of a very small robotics club at her school. Tagging along, for reasons revealed early in the series, is Kaito, a gamer geek whose contributions to the club are few and far between, always insisting he’ll be more cooperative if Akiho beats him at his favorite video game “Kill-Ballad”. 
Akiho, despite many rejections is desperate to recruit another student named Subaru Hidaka, who has a robotics secret of his own. When and if she recruits him she’ll finally be able to complete her dream and continue building Gunvarrel, a proto type left behind by the Robotics club before Akiho. 
Upon further looking I learn that Robotics; Notes isn’t simply a complex anime that moves from playful to apocalyptic in just a few episodes, but it’s also a branch from a larger anime conspiracy including Chaos; Head and Steins; Gate. As a matter of fact the rabbit hole is so much deeper as each anime effects the other with character crossovers, event crossovers, and consequences stemming from each. Like I said, mind blown. 
Seeing as how I am completely invested in seeing every last episode of all three series I plan to marathon it and come back to Robotics; Notes, but will give you my grade on the Part 2 aesthetics as I glossed over several episodes and checked out some bonus features to report on.
Robotics; Notes is a pretty satisfactory looking BD transfer. Colors are vividly bright with fine sharp line presentation, fabulous texture qualities, and great designs that make characters practically seem 3D, especially in the exterior scenes. 
If you’re watching the characters outside against the backdrop of the blue sky or even the city at night you’re more then likely going to be impressed by the deep color schemes and pop out designs of anything that’s become interactive. Some black backdrops have some noise issues that give the picture a white filmy texture, but the problem only lasts for a few minutes as the picture tends to shift quickly to a more full and alive setting. Overall the picture quality ranges about a high A on the grade scale. 
     Tying into the motif of the show  Funimation offers up some wordplay in the bonus features section as if by joining the Robotics club you gain special access to the features. Cute. Here’s what you get:
~Science Adventure Series interview Part 2
~Episode Commentaries: I took a peek at these, but didn’t want to accidentally glean any explanations that would act as spoilers for when I go back and watch all three anime to see how exactly they tie in to one another. 
~Textless Songs
~U.S. Trailer
~BD/DVD Versions
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