In Theatres: 
Dec 06, 2018
Running Time: 
135 minutes

It’s the job of the director to create their own film world and then tell an interesting story within it. No director does that better than Alfonso Cuarón. From Children of Men to Gravity, Cuarón breathes life not only into his characters but into the environments surrounding them as well. Roma is no different. Ambitiously gorgeous and deeply personal, it’s one of the best films of the year and deserves your full, undivided attention.


Taking place in 1970s Mexico, Roma follows the story of Cleo (Yalitza Aparicio), a young maid taking care of a family of seven together with the help of another maid. In between the cooking, cleaning, and general care of everyone, Cleo still finds time to go on dates with her boyfriend Fermín (Jorge Antonio Guerrero). After she finds out that she is pregnant, however, Fermín disappears, leaving Cleo alone. But with the assistance of those around her she learns that she’s not truly alone and that there are people who deeply care about her.


Roma is a Netflix Original that is scheduled for release on the streaming service on December 14th but is now currently playing in a limited theatrical release. If you have the opportunity, I suggest that you see the film in theaters because it deserves to have your full attention with as little as possible distraction from cell phones, pauses, or whatever other common home occurrences can happen while watching at home. Both the detail in what you see and hear on screen deserve the best equipment possible.


Cuarón is masterful when it comes to the cinematography of Roma, and every scene is packed full of lively detail. When Cleo goes into each of the kids’ rooms you get to know exactly what they’re like by the posters that decorate the walls or the toys that stuff the shelves. The camera work is astounding, with long pans continually revealing more details. Oftentimes Cuarón will let a shot linger for just a second or two more at the end of a scene just to let the detail of the environment sink in. Every frame is like a painting or photograph worthy of being hung on a wall.


Roma is beautiful and captivating from beginning to end and is Alfonso Cuarón best work. It’s the must-watch film of the year, whether you see it in theaters or wait for it to start streaming on Netflix, although I highly recommend the former. If you weren’t already in love with Mexico, you will be after watching Roma.

Matt Rodriguez
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