Rye Coalition: The Story Of The Hard Luck 5

Rye Coalition: The Story Of The Hard Luck 5

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015
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77 minutes

Rye Coalition:
There are some universal truths in the world, the sky is blue, the rain is wet, and for some teenagers being in a rock band is the coolest thing they could ever do. Well, for a group of 5 friends that dream of being in a rock band started to come to life when they were still in their teen years. That band is known as Rye Coalition, a group that has been playing since the mid 90's and is the definition of what a cult band is. These friends wanted to play some hard rock/ emo rock music and they wasn't going to let anything stand in their way like having actual gigs and records or even being know. With the determination that only a teenager can demonstrate, Rye Coalition accomplished what they wanted, to play their music, have fun, and in the process get their music heard by others.

The Story Of The Hard Luck 5:
In this world even being a lover of something or even if you are a buff or master at something, it does not mean you know everything about it. Such a topic would be music. No I'm not saying I'm a master or a buff but I do listen to a whole lot of music and even though I have listened to a lot of music there will always be bands that I'm just finding out about. One such band is the one called Rye Coalition, a hard rock, punk, thrash, emo rock band that started playing in the mid 90's while they where still in high school and still teenagers. It's 5 friends that lived near each other that got together because they loved music, loved playing their instruments, and wanted to form a band. So they did but their story is not one that is about a group that went from nothing to becoming rich rock stars, they're not even a band that got to be semi popular getting played on radios.
In this documentary I learned that sometimes being in a rock band don't mean you will get to become one of those huge rock bands where you get to tour around in luxury jet liners getting your every whim taken care of. Nope, for Rye Coalition these guys put in a lot of work to just get to play their music in some very small, at times in basements, and it took everything they had to do that. These 5 guys did what very few bands have done, they went out on their own with no records, no one had ever heard of them, and they got to play their music. This is not a glamor story of their life as a rock band, in fact this documentary shows how they had to put up with driving for weeks on end with no breaks, sleeping in a cramped van all together, taking turns driving, all just to get to the next gig.
This is one of the more interesting documentaries that I've watched about a band that I have no clue about. I've never heard of the band Rye Coalition so this was my first introduction into their music while getting a story about what it took for them to become what they are. Sure the documentary is filmed with what looks like a hand held camcorder and throughout the documentary there are actual parts that was filmed with a camcorder from their gigs. Nothing really is breaking or different in the way this documentary is set up, interviews that talk about the band from members, fans, and other people that like and/or know the band, there's some videos of them from when they where first starting out, and it gives all this information in just enough doses so that it's enough to be interesting but not too much to be overwhelming or too little to to not care. This was interesting to watch and I did enjoy it, but what I liked the most is that it don't give it a shiny coat to make it look like these guys had it easy are are living the life of rock stars. This is a documentary that's about the band, the music, and how even though you can sometimes do everything you can to play your music, how you can be good, can be liked, sometimes you just don't become world wide sensations.

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