Ill Conceived and Zygote Problems
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Mondays @ 9:30PM ET
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Monday, July 14, 2014

Just another bartender trying to make it in the world is what Harry Dacosta (played by Adam Korson) is, until he meets a woman. When he does meet a woman that he's interested in, Harry will become anyone so he can get that woman into bed and being that he has charm and looks, Harry usually does get the girl. Everything is going great for Harry, he still gets the girls, his job is fun, and life looks good for him, until his kids show up. Until now Harry had no idea that he was a father, but when he was younger Harry had donated some sperm for a little extra cash and now it's time for Harry to meet his children.

Alright, Seed, it's a show about a guy who donated some sperm in the past, at least 16 years ago considering one of the kids is 15, and how he is going to deal with these kids and their families. The premise of the show is nothing new, a guy that finds out he has kids, a guy that's a bachelor that loves the women, who now has to become responsible to help the kids even though he don't want to do that. Though the guy looks al a little young to be playing a role of someone that now has a 15 year old kid, Adam Korson started to grow on me as I watched these first two episodes. At first the character was kind of annoying to me, his attitude is one of I don't care, the way they have his hair styled is distracting, and even though they are saying he's supposed to be a likable guy, I wouldn't like him. Then there are the kids, who in general are like any other kid character of this role, they want to meet their biological father, the kids are a little off, one is not popular and weird while the other is a teen girl who wants to party and have fun. As for the parents, again nothing new on that front either, one set are lesbians that has one that likes Harry and the other that don't, while the other set of parents are strict and don't want Harry the goofball womanizer to have anything to do with their smart, proper little girl.

This show was annoying at first and my first instinct was that this will not make it on air for long. That's with the first episode, because the acting was ok, nothing great, the worst of them is the kids but being that they are kids I can get around their acting. Nothing was really happening in this first episode that I haven't seen in a similar show before, the main character is a womanizer that goes from no kids to having kids. Does he do the right thing or not? As a viewer we are drawn into wanting him to do it but it's funny to watch him try to go out of his way not to help but only ends up helping, which is exactly what is being done on this show. It's a very unoriginal idea and characters being used on Seed but it's also a topic that can be funny.

As I said, at first the show was annoying and not that funny to me with the first episode but it did do one thing, it got me interested to see what Harry was going to do next. I'm sure the show wants to do this as well as make me laugh out loud as I watch but for me the reality of the show was that I was just mildly interested in what was going to happen next and didn't laugh out loud but I had some chuckles. The jokes really aren't new, the situations, though they can be funny, also not new, the characters have no originality to them, but it does have some interesting factors to it. Seed might not be the newest and brightest shows being aired right now, but it does have enough of a way that got me curious about the next odd situation that Harry will be in next. Though the love interest of the show is clear that they will have something going on, it's one that like most people, watching them fumble and dance around each other is fun. I can say that Seed has some interesting moments, it does have jokes that at least should get a chuckle or two out of viewers, and though the story plot is one that's been done, it has some potential if done in a different way, now if Seed can do that is to be seen.

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