So Undercover (BLU-RAY)

So Undercover

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, February 5, 2013
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 30 Minutes
O-M-G It's Just Like:

Miss Congeniality, The House Bunny, Undercover Bridesmaid, Legally Blonde, Never Been Kissed, Can't Buy Me Love.

Molly (Miley Cyrus: Hannah Montana) is a street smart private investigator who works with her father (Mike O’Malley: My Name Is Earl) tracking down cheating spouses for angry housewives. When Molly is approached by FBI agent Armon (Jeremy Piven: Entourage) she’s given the opportunity to take a real case, and for real money, which she needs to help pay off her fathers gambling debts. The mission- go undercover at a college as a sorority sister and protect Alex (Lauren McKnight: Unaccompanied Minors), the daughter of a bookie for the mob. The Feds want her father to testify but the mob has infiltrated Alex’s life with an assassin who could strike at anytime. Can Molly save the day?

So Undercover is pretty much a pointless formulated film that gets remade several times every year. You’ve got your tomboyish tough girl who hasn’t got time for love or life because of some chip on her shoulder. She somehow finds herself placed within the midst of the stereotypical sorority girls, like oh…my…god, and she must brave the hurdles of fitting in by somewhat abandoning her personality, but in the end it’s her personality that helps turn the mindless ditz’s of the sorority house into smarter more agreeable people. This film has been done so many times the only thing to garner a smirk is the use of body humor, and that’s a charitable smirk. Awesomeballs!

Miley Cyrus delivers her usual read performance here, though she does manage to sneak in a few genuine moments of actual delivery. I just have to wonder if Piven owes someone money, or even Mike O’Malley. This is low grade stuff that is stuck somewhere between trying to appease teenage girls while also trying for an older, though not by much, audience.Plot holes, terrible acting, and  a dependence on already established character stereotypes that fall flat.

The picture quality for So Undercover is surprisingly good, though it does have its flaws. For starters color over saturation pops up now and again washing out the picture and giving the overall scene a reddish hue. There are very few instances of picture softness for no logical reason as the few times I took notice of it were in relatively close up shots. Other then that the picture is mostly fantastic when the quality is on. Awesome detail, acute line definition, natural color schemes. Now if only it had been a decent film.



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