Sound Shapes

Sound Shapes

(Sony Computer Entertainment)
Ship Date: 
Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Initially, I was scared of Sound Shapes, of what I might think of the simplistic looking 2-dimensional side-scrolling platformer with not a single character, story, or line of dialogue. The old school gamer in me kept saying everything was going to be fine and not to worry, while the modern gamer in me scoffed at the idea of it all. Would this be a sound investment or an experience shaped by disappointment?

Like a race horse listening intently for the click in the gate indicating it was time to engage all cylinders, I waited for the PlayStation Store to update. Low and behold, it came hours before it normally does, and I was off downloading Sound Shapes for both PS3 and Vita with very little effort. It didn’t take long for either, with the PS3 version weighing in at around a gig and the Vita version considerably less.

Without hesitation, I synced the Vita up to my PS3 and transfered it over, for I had decided that my first experience was going to be on Vita. As it turns out, I was right. Not only are the graphics absolutely stunning on the OLED screen of the Vita, the sound is stout and formidable. Plug in your very best headphones and its official. The PS3 version is more pleasant for others to watch while you play, but the touch experience is something that pulls you into whatever game it is.



Review by Seanoc