Sports Night: The Complete Series Boxed Set

Sports Night

On DVD: 
Tuesday, November 5, 2002

Touted as a “show about a show about sports that really isn’t about sports at all,” Sports Night is quite possibly one of the best shows ever to grace the television and possibly one of the most disappointing cancellations since Homicide. Creator Aaron Sorkin (who would go on to create another Emmy award winning show, The West Wing), wrote a good share of the 45 episodes, giving it his personal touch of quick-moving dialogue. The tragedy here is that audiences had not one, but TWO chances to attach themselves to one of the most ground-breaking shows in years, as it was picked up by Comedy Central last year, and STILL failed to catch on. Luckily, these shows will live on in the DVD format, but sadly, once you get to the end, that’s it. This will be the only Sports Night release, because all 45 episodes, both seasons, appear on these 6-discs. Kudos to Disney for not taking advantage of this show’s small but loyal audience and breaking up the set.

Acting: B+ - (3.5)
Script: A - (4.0)
Direction: A- - (3.8)
Cinemetography: A- - (3.8)
Sound & Music: B+ - (3.5)
Extras: B - (3.0)

Peter Oberth
Review by Peter Oberth
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