Strike Witches: The Complete 1st Season (BLU-RAY)

Strike Witches

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010
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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The surface synopsis of Strike Witches is that a strange alien race have begun an attack on our planet and have wiped out several major cities and shown an immunity to our feeble defenses. Shoot ahead a few years into the future where we have decided that our best chance at defeating this enemy, or at least keeping them at bay, is to collect as many powerful witches as possible (yes, you heard that right) and organize an elite team of, well, Strike Witches to fight the aliens. These witches are capable of employing shield spells as well as other magical attributes that each of them posses on an individual scale. You have a healer, one witch that can sense the presence of the enemy even when they are miles away, one that can calm an enemy with a song, and another that has a need for speed and the know how of mechanics to make that happen.

The show focuses on Yoshika, the healer of the group. Her Father is the reason that the witches are able to fly and attack the alien on their own turf, the sky. He left home a long time ago and disappeared, but in his absence he created the Striker Units, mecha that the witches slide their legs into and propels them skyward with various maneuvering capabilities. Yoshika grew up in a house full of healers and is somewhat of an unassuming master of her craft. One day, after a car accident, she heals a friend and catches the eye of the Strike Witches and is asked to join them. From then on it’s the usual story of a main character coming into their own in a foreign place with strangers who either become friends, enemies, or frenemies. The question is can the Strike Witches defeat the aliens with the help of Yoshika or will she simple become a rookie hindrance to the squad?

Let me just start off by saying don’t expect a whole lot from Strike Witches as far as plot goes. This is another anime title from the Funimation house that borders substance but mostly wastes its time with a heavy amount of fan service. There is a lot of breast play, far to many up skirt shots (minus the skirt since none of the characters hardly ever wear pants), and later on lots of nudity. If your looking to start the series with any intentions of coming to any kind of fruitful end you may want to rethink that. The show actually goes on into a second season where, maybe, we will find some closure. Until then the show is playground for boys young and old to see the female form in all it’s magnificent splendor as well as some decent fight sequences with the Strike Witches blowing stuff up.

I was shocked to find that Strike Witches, which was originally released in 07, isn’t as perfect as I have grown accustomed to when reviewing a Funimation release. Sure color can be beautifully popping and detail very fine, but there are several parts of the series that leave a lot to be desired. For example, when we see any kind of wide shot focusing in on a lone craft in the ocean, the Strike Witches Academy, or one of the enemy flying through the air, the picture tends to be a bit fuzzy sometimes blurred, depending on how far away the object appears to be. Some interior main scenes as well lose a bit of focus leaving edges soft and color looked a tad bit zapped. Its about a 70/30 ratio with the issues in the lower number but still relevantly represented throughout the series.

Audio is fantastically done as usual. Lots of immersive attributes that give you the full sound spectrum to enjoy the fight sequences, when you can get them. Other then that the show doesn’t really supply you with amazing opportunities to truly enjoy the fine job Funimation does with the audio.

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