Sunday in New York (BLU RAY)

Sunday in New York

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, February 8, 2011
Running Time: 
105 minutes

Genre of Movie:
Romantic Comedy

Eileen Tyler (played by Jane Fonda) goes to talk to her brother Adam (played by Cliff Robertson) about some of her troubles she is having with her boyfriend. Feeling that men are only after one thing, Eileen is unsure what to do. Adam assures her that not all men are after only sex and there are ones that want more. To make her believe him he has told Eileen that he is an upstanding gentleman who will not go after a woman for only sex but when his girlfriend Mona (played by Jo Morrow) shows up to have their afternoon of fun, Adam rushes her out of the apartment telling Eileen that they are going ice skating. Soon after Eileen must go find her brother and while on the bus to go find him she bumps into Mike Mitchell (played by Rod Taylor). The two have a rocky start at first meeting but soon after the two find themselves having a lot more in common then they thought and when it begins to rain they find themselves back at the apartment and in robes. With not wanting to take her virtue from her, Mike will not fall for how Eileen tries to seduce him. But the troubles begin when Russ (played by Robert Culp), Eileens boyfriend makes a surprise visit to propose to Eileen. With thinking Mike is Eileen’s brother Adam, and Adam playing the friend Mike, Eileen tries to figure out a way to let Russ know the truth without hurting him even though she now has to figure out which man she loves, Russ or Mike.


My Take On It:
“Sunday in New York” has this tongue in cheek style of comedy to it that made it funnier than it should have been. With a plot about a 22 year old woman who is worried about still being a virgin who meets a man she tries to seduce in the same day that she meets him but gets turned down by same said man, has just enough of a story line that it might be a little interesting. Considering however the year that the movie came out and the topic of the movie, it’s not surprising to see why the subject matter is danced around a lot rather than having it thrown in the face of the viewer. It’s because of this that I liked the movie.
I wasn’t too impressed with how the characters of Eileen and Mike developed such emotions for each other so quickly and in such a short amount of time but I think because there was a need to keep the subject matter subtle it had to be done this way. Given that train of thought, “Sunday in New York” has it’s moments with how the characters of Eileen, Mike, Adam, and Russ all react to each other when they are first meeting. This meeting of the four characters was in my opinion the funniest moment of the moment. Sure there are other times that I had some chuckles but that’s about the extent of my laughter the movie was able to get out of me.
One thing that the movie has going for itself is the flow of it. “Sunday in New York” is edited well to make the story move along at a nice pace without going too fast or going too slow where I became bored with it. Not only is the pace allows the movie to keep a steady flow, the soundtrack also keeps the scenes from getting lost or making me get the feeling of the mood. Here is one of the times that the songs don’t make themselves known but they are there as a undercurrent to what is happening though they are there helping push along the emotion of the moment.
The only portion of the movie that didn’t really impress me much was the performance given by Jane Fonda and Robert Culp. For a couple that were supposed to be in love and for a man that was ready to marry the girl he loved, I would have expected a little more emotion between the two. What is given is these two characters that seem to be more one time friends that just met for a moment after some years and now they are saying goodbye. Though the performance given by Jane Fonda and Rod Taylor is the center stage here and the two react well with each other. Though I didn’t get the feeling they were in love with each other in that first day of meeting they did a decent acting of trying to show that they were.

In 1 Sentence “Sunday in New York” Is:
This would make a mildly enjoyable movie to watch on a rainy Sunday while at home with nothing else to do that will get a few chuckles from watching it.

Lee Roberts
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