Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Soundtrack)

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

(Brad Fiedel)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 5, 2010
Did you know?

Brad Fiedel was once a keyboard player for Hall & Oates.

I highly doubt this is a soundtrack people are going to rock out with in their cars, unless they’re looking to escape detection from HK’s after Skynet takes over.  

And other than the main theme, there’s not too much more to actually listen to.   I don’t image people are going to play “John & Dyson Into Vault” over and over again.  The music on this soundtrack is really there just to give emotional heft to the scenes on screen and not really exist as standalone pieces.  Even composer Brad Fiedel agrees in the notes included with this release – “the experimenting I did on this score playing in the grey area between what was ‘music’ and what was sound effects, certainly does not lend to easy listening.”  But since this album is finally back in print after some time, I’m sure there are plenty of score heads who are excited about the chance to add this to their playlists.  

This score does a great job of adding depth to the action.  And having seen the movie a number of times, I can visualize some of the scenes in my head just from the music cues.   It has an interesting use of sounds from electronics, machinery and industry.  And of course, the main theme has become iconic in its own right.  So having a newly remastered version of that tune could well be worth the price of admission, or at least the cost to download that particular track.  

Brad Fiedel hasn’t been composing since the mid 90’s, so here’s a chance to own one of the highlights of his career.  And as much as you enjoyed T2, you can pick up this album and then pretend you’re being chased down by a relentless cyborg killing machine during your boring morning commute.   But keep it under the speed limit, you never know who or what that motorcycle cop might be…

Review by John Piedrahita