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The 100

Murphy's Law
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Wednesdays @ 9/8 C
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Just a fair warning; THERE WILL BE POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD (especially if you have yet to catch the show)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Hundred story is unfurling in unexpected ways as two characters perished in episode 3. In week four, Murphy’s Law, Bellamy finds his control put on check when the mob of children thirsty for justice after a murder in their camp is discovered, is pushed to hang the would be murderer, and all evidence points to someone very close in Bellamy’s camp. 
I really have become addicted to this show, but Murphy’s law was a bit of a slow down episode. Sure there was that still ever present feeling of chaos spreading in the midst of the kids both trying to play by the rules and those trying to take charge of a world slowly expanding with new rules. It’s like watching a really fantastic train wreck happen while a subtle mystery unfolds beneath the surface; the kids discover even more about the world that humanity lefts behind. Still, Clarke’s character trait of being the good one gets a bit too sugary sweet and annoyingly pushy among some strong performances by both Bob Morley (Bellamy) and Richard Harmon (Murphy). At some point it seems almost complete overkill. 
Despite all my quirks with Clarke kind of mucking things up, she does have her moments as she combs over the fact that she had it wrong about who really got her Father floated back on the space station. It also helps that while the Earth story gets a bit overbearing at times it does help that we have also visit the drama unfolding on the space station. 
Clarke’s mother is still in cahoots with Raven, a zero-gravity mechanic who is working on restoring an old escape pod that Abigail is destined to ride down to Earth. Of course Raven has stipulations which of course bear weight on the kids down below. 
Meanwhile Kane is growing tired of Abigail seemingly manipulating Chancellor Jaha  and wants to put into motion the floating of several thousand civilians rather then wit for definitive evidence the kids on Earth have actually perished. It doesn’t look good for anyone who gets in Kane’s way, and that person at the moment is Abigail. 
It was a pretty rocky episode that made points all across the board for progression, but it felt filler a times and a bit redundant in others. As a part of the puzzle that is The Hundred though, it is still must see TV. Enjoy. 
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