The Americans: The Colonel (PREVIEW)

The Americans

The Colonel
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Wednesdays @ 10PM E/P
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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It’s the finale of season one for The Americans and it might cost Philip (played by Matthew Rhys) and Elizabeth (played by Keri Russell). These two spies for the Soviet KGB have been ordered to go through with a meeting that has all the earmarks of being a set-up by the FBI. Facing the choice of disobeying orders by not attending the meeting, the couple could loose everything but if they do go through with it and are caught they will still loose everything.

That’s the best description that I could come up with while not giving away any plot points to the episode. Not that I could give away too much with this being the first time I’ve seen The Americans. Out of all the shows that I’ve jumped in on midseason or later, this show was the hardest for me to be able to follow. This is a show that actually has a real story and plot going on where all the characters intertwine with each other while also having little subplots. Picking up on the basic idea was easy enough, they are spies that are facing a potential trap set up by the FBI, however I’ve missed out on all the details leading up to this episode.

Not knowing all that does play a big factor in getting the full enjoyment out of the show but I got to say that the show was still interesting. First of all, with Keri Russell and Noah Emmerich as cast members goes a long way in helping the show be interesting. Both of these actors are good in their trade and have been some of those stars that are very good but go underused. Now they have a chance to shine on a weekly basis and after seeing their performance on this last episode I was seeing what I already knew, they are good actors. Helping to boost the actors performance was an episode was written very well. I like how the character develop from the start to the end of the show, so much so that I can’t imagine how they’ve grown from the start of the season. Not only that but in this one episode I was given a story that made me want to learn what got the characters to this point. My only really problem with the episode was not being able to have a full background of the previous episodes and that right there still didn’t make the show any less appealing. It might not have as big or stunning an ending as some of the shows I’ve watched, but this was a decent season finale for a show about spies.

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