The Anaheim Angels: 2002 World Series Collectors Edition

The Anaheim Angels

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

2002 was the year. World Series championship was the goal. Anaheim Angels and San Francisco Giants were the teams. This was the scorecard for the 2002 World Series. The big game for Major League Baseball, the games that all baseball players strive for, the game that not all can get into, and the trophy that says they were the best team for that year. The game was the 98th in the series being held at the Pacific Bell Park and Edison International Field of Anaheim parks. Best out of seven games will decide who becomes the 2002 World Series Champions and here on this 7 disc set each game is shown in it’s entirety where the Anaheim Angels win their first ever World Series.

Baseball, even baseball that’s only 9 years old, as well as being the biggest game for the sport and a record setting series of games, was not that fun for me to watch. I can enjoy a live game of baseball where I get caught up in the moment, at times I can even enjoy watching a game on television if I’m with some friends where we can make our own moments to get caught up in, but when just watching it alone and one game after another, that was just boring.

I know these games where a huge deal in being that they were the first time that the Anaheim Angels made it to the World Series and they win the championship during their first appearance. Watching these games knowing that this was an important series as well as being a big deal for the Angels didn’t make them any more fun for me. The games didn’t have much for me to get into while watching. Maybe if I had watched the 2002 season that lead up to this World Series I might have enjoyed this very long DVD set. Instead I just wanted these games to end but no such luck here with the games going for all 7 in the series.

Now, I know the basics of baseball, the runs, the scores, when a home run is hit or a foul ball but beyond that it’s way over my head. There are a lot of plays that are big and would have true fans of the game jumping up and down, I’m not that person, these games were not that exciting for me. For the way the game looks, well the quality is decent, it’s not great, but it has the quality of what a regular television would have while watching it. Being that it looks ok, has decent audio levels, the games were still not that fun for me to watch but I know that for some baseball fan of the Angels, they will find these games to be the best ever to watch. This was a record making set of games, a series that allowed a team to make their first appearance in the biggest games for the sport, and it will be enjoyed by those who like the team and the game.

Lee Roberts
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