The Decoy Bride (BLU-RAY)

The Decoy Bride

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Running Time: 
89 minutes

Sheree Folkson directed an episode of Ugly Betty. Michael Urie starred in Ugly Betty.

I was pretty excited to see that I had been sent a copy of Sheree Folkson’s (A Royal Scandal) The Decoy Bride mainly because it stars my favorite Time Lord David Tennant (Doctor Who, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) and I was still riding the high from having just seen Pixar’s Brave starring the voice of Kelly MacDonald (Boardwalk Empire, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2). Unfortunately the film turned out to be a completely formulated dud that even misses the mark on Blu-Ray.

Take one celebrity (Alice Eve; Men In Black 3) and her author beau Tennant. They want to be married but their constantly hounded by the paparazzi, one masterful photographer even ruins their wedding and forces them to cancel until further notice. Tennant’s character has written a book about the island of Haag located in Scotland so of course that’s where his soon to be wife wants to go to get married. The only problem here is that the book he has authored is pretty much a sham. With the help of Eve’s super agent (played by Michael Urie; Ugly Betty) he makes sure that what she expects when they get to Haag, as written by her fiancé, is what she will find. No one expected to find the infamous photographer on their heels or being forced to stage a wedding using a local, but when all is said and done the groom finds himself married to the decoy and his wife gone without a trace. Uh oh.

As you can imagine, and I’m sure you already have, things predictably move along just as you would expect them to. There is little to no chemistry between MacDonald and Tennant, Tennant who oozed charm and chemistry on Doctor Who with his many female companions can’t seem to catch a break here. It’s all flat from characters to story. In the end you get from point A to point B without much surprise and then the film ends and you forget what you just saw. It’s as simple as that. So how did it look and sound on Blu-Ray?

Bland. Folkson’s Decoy Bride is both a flunky in story as well as in picture quality. Definition is decent but color is muted and drained just giving you a picture that’s clear but not exciting to look at. It has a very British gray hue to it that makes you think your watching a film that’s a bit older then it is. Haag has some pretty beautiful scenery, not much but some, and if you let your imagination off the leash a bit you might get some enjoyment out of the scenery but I just felt let down all around.

Audio does help to bring the drab gray landscape to life with very subtle ambient sound working it’s way lightly in the rear channels. It is an island surrounded by sea with local bird life so expect to get a good bead on that. Dialogue is crisp, as it should be with the film being mostly a dialogue heavy affair, and LFE output is strong and capable when available.

~Interviews: a bit over 40 minutes of interviews with the cast, writer, producer, and director. Go head, convince me this isn’t a film pieced together from romcom’s dating back a few decades.
~Behind The Scenes
~Deleted Scenes: Be honest. It should read deleted scene. It’s short and pointless.
~FX Shots: Let’s not embarrass ourselves with this.

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