The Demands

The Demands

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012
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“The Demands” is the 10th book written by Mark BIllingham, who has also written “Bloodline,” “Buried,” and “Lifeless.” Mark has worked as an actor, a TV writer, and a stand-up comedian before becoming one of the most popular and critically acclaimed crime novelist of our time. “The Demands” starts off with Detective Helen Weeks entering a convenience store and taken captive. Helen’s captor tells her that her safety depends on the cooperation of one of her colleagues, Detective Tom Thorne, and demands to get him involved. What is the connection between Helen, Tom, and the captor? You are going to have to read the book to find out.

I thought this was a well written book that will appeal to those that adore crime novels or crime dramas on TV. Mark does a great job of painting the pictures of the plot using your imagination. His descriptions are vivid and realistic and this book can easily be adapted to either a movie or TV episode. I also liked how Mark created that emotional connections with the characters in the book making me care what happens to them by the end of the books. This book was so exciting to read that I did not put the book done once until I finished the whole thing.

The only gripe I did have with the book were some of the transitions. This was more apparent in the earlier chapters and could have been smoother. However, towards the middle of the book, Mark redeemed himself and they weren’t as much of an issue. Other than that, I enjoyed reading this book and highly recommend turning off the TV and reading “The Demands” out on the porch on a nice summer evening. For those reasons, I am giving this book a “B.”

Paul Arca
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