The Dog That Saved Halloween

The Dog That Saved Halloween

On DVD: 
Tuesday, September 13, 2011
Running Time: 
88 minutes

First there was The Dog That Saved Christmas. You’ll find its trailer at the start of this film. To me it looked like someone replaced Macaulay Culkin with a dog and then swapped Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern’s goofy home invasion specialists with Dean Cain and Joey Diaz. Then there was The Dog That Saved Christmas Vacation and now in the trilogy of films that I’d never heard of, The Dog That Saved Halloween. Truthfully the dog saves nothing, but for the sake of stretching these straight to DVD flunkies, well, there you have it.

Zeus is voiced by Joey Lawrence and the new neighbors creepy dog Medusa is voiced by Mayim Bialik. If anyone cares to look back at television in the 90’s both starred in Blossom as siblings. There’s your draw. Unfortunately the film is so completely dumbed down that it was hard to stomach the entire thing in one sitting. The premise of the film is that a creepy neighbor moves into the Bannister neighborhood and Zeus and his owner George Bannister (King of Queens’ Gary Valentine) look to investigate, uncovering all kinds of bizarre things. Eventually they look to a pair of professional burglars, who robbed their home in the first film, to break into the house and investigate. Will they find the proof that their new neighbor (Aliens’ Lance Henrikson) is a mad professor or will the bumbling operation be forever silenced?

I can watch films with talking animals but not ones where the whole idea of talking animals is simply novelty and unnecessary. Joey Lawrence’s Zeus is simply a wisecracking kitchen sink delivering eyesore. Sure the dog is cute but, again, totally unnecessary. Even Mayim Bialik’s Medusa had a more important role as just being a dog. The antics that go on in the film are ludicrously over the top. Joey Diaz and Dean Cain revert to simpletons as they run from props and scream, literally, for their mommies. The film is filled with poop and fart jokes, all the adults are at best, stupid, and all the neighbors are assorted into quirks. It was just terrible. I can see that some kids will like this film but even then it was really bad.

Bonus features include Dog Tracks, a behind the scenes look at how Joey Lawrence and Mayim Balik voiced their parts and then bloopers.

AJ Garcia
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