The Great Mouse Detective (Mystery in the Mist Edition)
Did You Know?

The Great Mouse Detective is the second feature film from Disney to feature CGI graphics.

Based on the series Basil of Baker Street by Eve Titus The Great Mouse Detective is not quite as known as the more familiar titles but managed to find success in the box office as well as garnering positive attention from critics including a two thumbs up rating from then At The Movies hosts Siskel and Ebert. The story is of a Sherlock Holmes type mouse named Basil who, along with the help of his new colleague Dr. David Q. Dawson (the mouse version of Watson) must help rescue young Olivia Flaversham's Father from the diabolical clutches of Professor Rattigan (voiced by Vincent Price). Its Basil’s greatest case yet and it seems everything is on the line.

I’ve seen almost every animated film by Disney but The Great Mouse Detective seems to be the one that I know is there, always plan on renting, but just never do so this was my first time seeing the film. Its Digitally Restored and includes even more bonus features then its last release but regardless the film still looks dated. Try as they might the careful attention to detail can only  aid the film so much. The Pinocchio Blu-Ray release, forgetting that it was on Blu-Ray for a moment and that this film is only on DVD, that release was handled with kid gloves and made to look brand new. The picture here was better detailed then its original version but not 100%  and the audio even with a 5.1 surround boost sounded a bit hollow in some parts. I think they really could have perfected this release. I presume the release of this title has to do with two factors; one being the success of the live action Sherlock Holmes film garnering some interest in the mystery genre and two the success of Disney’s latest release The Frog and the Princess which was handled by Ron Clements and John Musker who also had a hand in directing this film.

Bonus features include the all new So You Think You Can Sleuth Game, The Making of The Great Mouse Detective, The Worlds Greatest Criminal Mind sing along (which seemed to have been later mimicked for the 1991 film Beauty and The Beast in which Villain Gaston gets a similar song praising his dastardly ways). Attached to the bonus features (but have nothing to do with the film) are Dylan & Cole Sprouse: Blu-Ray Is Suite! and Learn How To Take Your Favorite Movies On The Go.

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