The Groomsmen

The Groomsmen

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Blooper reel / Deleted scenes / “Four Cheers” music video by The Blue Jackets / Edward Burns commentary / Outtakes / Behind-the-scenes documentary

Paulie is getting married and has a baby on the way. His childhood friends come back to help him celebrate by hanging out, drinking, playing sports, and getting their band back together. Dramedy ensues when old grudges pop back in to play, relationship status is questioned, beer is consumed, and issues are resolved.

Let’s go over the Edward Burns movie checklist, kids. Included are the following:

• Mopey faces.
• Irish Families in the northeast. They can’t resist the urge to not so subtly remind you how much they love having Irish roots.
• Unresolved mommy/daddy issues.
• Life-long friends. One of them is at odds with another or becomes so after a clichéd fight where the two have to be restrained.
• Relationship problems based around retarded conflicts of interest. Example: I love her but snow cones are so tasty. Maybe this isn’t right for me.
• Beer. That’s pretty much a given. Beer is the nurturing muse for all humanity.
• Live music. Possibly performed by a prominent cast member.

With The Groomsmen, writer/director Burns only further proves his inability to create anything more than moderate interest dick flicks (that’s chick flick for guys if you need the help). The bottom line is that this is average filler movie material. If there is absolutely nothing else to watch and you’re determined to have the TV on, fire up this movie. If you have generic relatives coming over and you don’t want to talk to them, put this in and hide.

The performances are cemented at the good side of average. Brittany Murphy accepts a role with minimal screen time, which is probably for the best. The bloopers and outtakes have a combined play time of about 5 minutes. The music video is a welcome addition but doesn’t help to sell the package deal in any way.

I could say more but if you’ve seen any Edward Burns film you know basically what to expect. If not, go over the above listed items another time or two. Apply those items to six 2D characters. The Groomsmen terribly funny, it’s not involving or moving, and it isn’t going back in my DVD player again.

Review by Baron Aloha