The Lodger

The Lodger

On DVD: 
Tuesday, February 10, 2009
Running Time: 
95 minutes
Bonus Features

Deleted And Alternate Scenes, “Beyond The Shadows: Behind The Scenes Of The Lodger”, and Previews

Joe & Ellen Bunting have a rocky marriage and after the loss of their child Ellen has been taking pills in attempts to deal with it. To make ends meet they have their guest house up for rent and Ellen actually able to find a tenant while Joe is at work. Malcolm keeps to himself, paid for several months up front, and has a couple of rules he is to be left alone & only Ellen is to deal with him.

Detective Chandler Manning is dealing with several gruesome murders that remind him of a past case. Taking another look at both cases Manning sees they share similarities to the famous Jack The Ripper. He becomes engrossed and vows to stop the killer no matter. He risks his badge and his relationship with his family. As more bodies pile up Manning knows they have very little time to catch the killer before they disappear again for years. As the case goes deeper Manning, Ellen, and Malcolm will all end up intertwined as it becomes fuzzy who could be the killer. 

Meh, it’s not a horrible movie. But I could never see myself sitting through it again. I am and have been interested in Jack The Ripper since I was young; but even that was not enough to suck me into this movie. There are some really good actors involved and they are just wasted and seem like they are even bored with the story. They attempt a couple of big twists here and there; but there wasn’t enough to the story to make them shocking. Truthfully there isn’t enough detail about Jack The Ripper or anything new to offer up that can interest you in the movie from that direction. And if you strip out all the Jack The Ripper details you get a sub-par thriller B movie.

Review by Pandora
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