The Long Good Friday (BLU-RAY)

The Long Good Friday

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, August 24, 2010
Running Time: 
113 Minutes

Both P.H. Moriarty and Alan Ford played mob bosses in Guy Ritchies Lock, stock and Smoking Barrel and Snatch. Moriarty as Hatchet Harry and Ford as Brick Top. Both appear as gangsters in this film.

Mob Boss Harold Shand (Bob Hoskins) runs an empire that he soon hopes will become a legitimate enterprise with the help of the American Mob and their cash. With the help of the charming Victoria (Helen Mirren) things start falling into place but just as soon as their celebrating their deal things start to fall apart. Someone is gunning for Shand and taking his men out one by one which sends Shand on the defensive which is bad for everyone involved. A great mob film and a fantastic thriller made by Hoskins powerful performance.

As soon as you start the film the fear sets in. The intro credits bounce up and down like their on a trampoline and in the far right hand corner a blue light flickers menacingly. Things look pretty bad but no worries as soon as the credits are over things bounce back into magnificent shape. You will get nostalgic with this release as the cheesy 80’s music comes at you in powerful DTS-HD Master Audio and the film quality harkens back to the age in which the film was released or the style in which Grindhouse films have made popular now. There is a bit of grain but wow the color in the film is fantastically vibrant and the detail acute and defined. Probably one of the better Image releases I’ve seen in the past few days for a BD release. Huge thumbs up for this release.

Nothing but a trailer. Come on Image. The 2006 release featured:

Bloody Business: The Making of "The Long Good Friday" featurette
US and UK trailers
Cockney slang glossery
Talent bios
Poster & Still Gallery
Screenplay on DVD-ROM
8-page booklet

Why should BD buyers expect anything less? Just saying.

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