The NUV: Top Model Super Fashion

Top Model Super Fashion

(The NUV (aka New Ultraviolet Vanish))
Release Date: 
Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Have you heard of The NUV?  Probably not.  They’re debut album came out in July.  Ringing any bells?  Do a Google search, and good luck finding out much about them.  Because it looks like all you’re going to see is the same short bio rehashed on several different sites.  So here’s the gist.  The NUV (aka New Ultraviolet Vanish) are a group of Italian rockers who relocated to Canada to take over North America.  The scary thing is that given the right opportunities, they actually could…but I wouldn’t put money on it.

The album is good.  It’s fun.  It sounds great driving down the highway at speeds well above the posted limit.  However, it’s not going to be something you’re going to be singing along with after the album ends.  And that just might be what keeps these guys in obscurity.  The album is good, just not all that catchy.  And catchy is what lets you take over continents.  And calling their album, Top Model Super Fashion, doesn’t really roll off the tongue.  Then again, calling themselves New Ultraviolet Vanish (or by the acronym NUV) isn’t helping matters either.  However, I’ll give them major props for calling the last song on the album, “The Prestige.”  

Basically the album kind of jumps around in styles, but still seems to have a cohesive feel.  Well, other than an off putting “yacht rock” number in the middle of the album.  One thing is for sure, they definitely sound more “American” than a lot of other European rock acts I’ve heard.  For the most part, the music has nods to Queens of the Stone Age and Homme’s other band, Eagles of Death Metal, along with Foo Fighters, Electric Six and just a hint of Smashing Pumpkins.  As band member Stefano says, "fitting The NUV in a music scene is quite difficult to me, because The NUV is the summary of different scenes and perhaps for this reason wherever you put it, it's comfortable."  After listening to the album a few times, that actually sounds pretty accurate.  

All in all, if you like any of the aforementioned bands and are looking for something similar and or new, then do yourself a favor and pick up (or rather download, since this appears to be a digital only release) a copy of The NUV’s debut.  And if you like what you hear, throw it on a mix tape for a friend.  And maybe they’ll go check them out when the band comes on tour opening for another band.  And before you know it, North America has been conquered by The NUV.  C’mon, stranger things have happened. 

Review by John Piedrahita