The Other Guys

The Other Guys

In Theatres: 
Aug 06, 2010
Running Time: 
107 minutes

The Other Guys is outrageous, fun, and an overall entertaining film.

Buddy cop movies are a dime a dozen. Not too long ago we had Cop Out with Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan to little success. This time, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are teaming up and stepping up to the plate.

You see, they're not the badass cops who bust criminals and have all the wild and crazy sex. No, that honor belongs to Highsmith and Danson (Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson). Detective Allen Gamble (Ferrell) is a forensic accountant who enjoys sitting at his desk doing paperwork while Terry Hoitz (Wahlberg) is itching to get back into the field after an embarrassing shooting incident. The two are now unlikely partners and disagree on just about everything. When the opportunity comes for them to take on a big case, they must work together or else they're going to remain at their desks forever.

Ferrell plays his typical goofy self that we see all the time in his films. He's the stupid guy who somehow manages to never get shot and can occasionally come out on top but usually makes any situation worse. Wahlberg does his fare share of mayhem as well but unlike Ferrell, he actually wants to be a success and not stuck where he is. You are definitely getting two ends of the spectrum when you watch The Other Guys.

When it comes to good cop/bad cop, it's obvious who's who. Detective Hoitz is either always screaming or putting on that tough guy facade. Seriously, not many words coming from Wahlberg's mouth are at an indoor voice level. There are a few occasions where he acts out of character and it comes as somewhat of a surprise.

The majority of the laughs will come from Will Ferrell's random quips and sayings. It's much of the same we've come to expect from him so there are no real shockers. If you liked him in the past, you'll enjoy him in this role.

The Other Guys is outrageous, fun, and an overall entertaining film. It tends to focus solely on Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg but that's quite alright as they have what it takes to make us laugh. The film even manages to make a few jabs at the whole financial crisis that's been going on. I recommend it if you have the free time but don't go rushing out to see it right away.

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