The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story

The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014
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90 Minutes

From 1989 to 1993 Saturday mornings where taken over by a show called, Saved By The Bell, where people watched the lives of 6 kids in school.  It's a show that even if you didn't watch you knew about it and knew that it was a popular show. Life for those kids at "Bayside High School" seemed like a great way to spend teenage years as the group would get in situations but always seemed to have it made. But did the actual actors have it made while portraying perfect happy teenagers? There's been many rumors and stories told about what happened behind the cameras on the show. Some of them true, some false, but either way if you liked the show those rumors and stories are interesting to hear. The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story was aired on the Lifetime channel where it gives a glimpse into what it was like growing up in the spotlight.
The Unauthorized Save by the Bell Story wasn't something that I was too interested in watching and that's because I didn't watch the show nor did I like it. Saved by the Bell to me was beyond just fake and unlikely, it was annoying. Having 6 teens having such a clean, nice, perfect life and not have any real problems or when they did they where solved so easily and quickly. Sure it was a only a television show but for me it was still just too fake and too annoying to watch. So now I sit here thinking over my review about a movie that's about how it really was for the actors lives behind the scenes. Even though I didn't watch the show I have heard a lot of rumors and stories about the sordid happenings the actors supposedly did when the show was being filmed. Are they true or not, I don't know, I'm not here to talk about that aspect, this is a review about the "Unauthorized" telling of that story.

I might be the only one that finds this aspect of this movie entertaining, but The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story has young actors that are relatively unknown playing the role of another actor that was unknown that played a character. So we have actors acting as a real person as well as the character that the real person was. Like I said, I might be the only one that finds this aspect interesting and after watching this movie, it was the only aspect that I found interesting. This movie is semi based off the accounts from Dustin Diamond, he played the character Screech on the actual show and for this movie he was also narrating and in it and a producer. I figured this would be a telling movie, one filled with some juicy tidbits and facts. Well don't get your hopes on it like I did cause it's not.

One thing that should be taken into account is that it was aired on Lifetime. Now before anyone says anything, no I'm not putting down the channel, what I'm saying is that the content of the show is not the same as if it where being aired on a premium channel where cussing, nudity, and adult situations are allowed and common place. Lifetime can talk about adult themed situations in ways, but no nudity or cussing is allowed so the shows are more timid compared to some other channels. That's what I'm saying and that's how this show is, which is important knowing because if you are looking to hear some raunchy stories about who was sleeping with who and what they did, well you won't get it here. What you do get is more actors playing roles with no appeal, they are stiff, their performance comes across forced and bland, and what's supposed to be moments of drama are just moments that I was wondering what the drama was. This, for lack of a better definition, documentary movie telling, is more of Dustin Diamond telling about how he had it bad while shooting the show and the others had it great. There's some reference in how there might have been things going on during filming, like some making out and drinking, but really this movie felt like the show again but being done with different actors and we get to see both character and actor. Though it still stays clean and somewhat cheerful instead of dirty and telling. This wasn't interesting to me and it didn't do anything to make me feel bad or better about the actual show or actors. To say that nothing really bad happened while filming a show for so many years is more of a lie to me then saying that there had been things going on. Not that I look for this kind of topic in a movie to make it interesting, but to have it excluded and to have the movie that's no more than a soapbox of saying I didn't have it as good as the others, well, it makes for a bad movie and that's what this is.

Lee Roberts
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