The Visit (BLU-RAY)

The Visit

Running Time: 
94 minutes

     Becca and Tyler are off to visit their mothers estranged parents. Parents she hasn't seen in 15 years. A funny little train ride and a quick drive into the country and the kids begin their week long bonding. Becca plans to capture it all on camera. Sort of a tributary for their mother.
     It's not long after the kids show that things begin to look a bit out of place. Poppop is sometimes unresponsive and up to some shady stuff while Grandma wanders the house at night or pops up in out of the ordinary places acting strangely.
     The Visit is M. Knight Shyamalan's return to the more twisty horror/thriller films that he made his name with. Not perfect, but an interesting, although predictable ride. Still, there is some entertainment value to it.

     The Visit is a found footage film so you know at times there will be faux attempts at purposeful imperfections. Some you can't hide, like aliasing becoming a factor in the ride to take the kids to the train station. The back of the mother's seat is heavily effected by it. There is also a lot of in and out detail. I assume this is a technique that's supposed to mimic focus on camera's going in and out, especially when a camera faces light fluctuation.
     Despite the parlor tricks for making the film look like an authentic found footage film, it manages to capture some pretty great detail and color levels are not an issue aside from some occasional white noise during a few darker scenes. Again, this may be the adverse effect of Shyamalan playing with his own gear to make it seem like it's low end quality camera gear.

     The Visit is mostly a dialog heavy film. There are a few area's of the film where ambient sound attempts to make an impact, but the DTS-HD MA 5.1 fails to throw sound around like it should. Hardly any back channel chatter and very few side to side effects. The film felt more front heavy.

~DELETED SCENES: Ten deleted scenes, none of them run more then a minute and a half +. Some decent, some feel like run on.
~Alternate Ending
~Making of The Visit: This feature runs nearly ten minutes and pretty much covers what you'd probably be thinking if you were a part of the rise and fall of M. Knight Shyamalan career over the years. It's a very human piece that kind of makes you feel more in tune with the director.
~Becca's Photos
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