Tom Kiefer: The Way Life Goes

The Way Life Goes

(Tom Kiefer)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tom Kiefer is probably better known for his work with the 80’s rock band Cinderella. After doing some digging on the man, after being completely blown away by his solo album “The Way Life Goes”, I was even more impressed.

Kiefer suffered damaged vocal cords while working with Cinderella. He had nodules on his vocal cords as well as sever damage to his left vocal cord. Cinderella put out one more album, but failed to garner much attention and was eventually dropped form their label. Kiefer worked to bring his vocals back to strength as well as begin work on solo material, which became this album. Over the years his vocal cords have suffered repeated damage but he continues to find ways of working around the issue.

After all that I found it hard to believe that this album was done by someone with so many complications. Written upon it is a sure sign that when this generation and these next upcoming generations wake from their pop hypnosis they will discover this album and proclaim it as one of their generations first classic rock albums.

Fans of Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, and AC/DC will eat this album up. It’s got fantastic harmonies on vocals, epic guitar solos, beautiful ballads, riotous rock and roll demeanor, and plays like a perfect album. There are no throw always, no filler. The album is an homage to all things good about rock and roll. Flamboyant style, intelligent lyrics, craftsmanship musical ability. Only a complete idiot would have anything bad to say about this album. It’s immaculate and ready to blow the world of generically manufactured garbage radio away. Find it, buy it, love. 

AJ Garcia
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