Torchwood: Children of Earth OST

Torchwood: Children of Earth

(Ben Foster and the BBC National Orchestra)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, August 11, 2009
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The CD booklet has some pretty nice photo's but more importantly a Q&A with Ben Foster on his decisions pertaining to certain tracks and the Torchwood-verse.

Ben Foster and the BBC National Orchestra of Wales have partnered up before, for the Torchwood original television soundtrack as a matter of fact, but they have also worked previously during the newly revised Doctor Who era. In that you might be familiar with the style and direction in which the orchestrations maneuver for the Children of Earth soundtrack.

Like under previous work there is a familiarity, a theme, for each character on the show from Captain Jack to Ianto to Gwen. Again, in the previous verse for Doctor Who this set up pertained to Rose, Martha, and Donna, but, because this is a tragic tale like none we have witnessed before in the expansive Who universe the sounds here are much more personalized, in-depth, touching. The Ballad of Ianto Jones might very well be one of the most descriptive of the forty tracks on the album providing a glimpse of what may lay ahead for those who have not seen the mini-series, or tug at the heart strings of those who have. It’s a phenomenal touch by Ben Foster and the NOW. Aside from that the whole soundtrack seems to push away from the repetitive by mixing things up, even drawing in from previously lost cast member themes and creating a sound that is orchestrated but also alive in some other fashion. I think since orchestrated soundtracks tend to draw from their listeners something different, maybe even hidden, no two opinions will be the same, but there is something at the core to Children of Earth that invites a sympathetic ear, evokes a sense of urgency and or panic, but all together offers up an ambiance that truly captures the humanity of the show. The soundtrack is divided up in chronological order placing songs by day and event so if you haven’t seen the mini-series yet just sit back, relax, and if your familiar with the show and the characters just close your eyes and let your mind wander on the possibilities. All in all it’s a great companion piece for the mini-series that has the ability to stand on its own as a separate form of entertainment. Enjoy.

AJ Garcia
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