Trial & Retribution: Set 5

Trial and Retribution

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Long running series of feature length movies, Trial & Retribution's upcoming Set 5 release, collecting the first 4 of the 5 films that were series 11 from 2008.

DCS Mike Walker (David Hayman) and DCI Roisin Connor (Victoria Smurfit) are the lead detectives solving these cases, ripped from the headlines.

Trial & Retribution ran from 1997 to 2009, and for the entire run it was always presented as a feature length film broken into two parts and aired either on back-to-back nights or successive weeks. Focusing more on drama, details and detective work, these movies lack complicated action sequences but more than make up for it with their believeable policework. Unlike the current run of CSI and CSI-like crime series in the US which always have strange and sometimes completely fake science that allows them to track down killers, Trial & Retribution uses simple science, interrogating suspects & witnesses, and deductive reasoning to catch their criminals. Because of that, the show isn't likely to appeal to everyone, but anyone who enjoyed creator Lynda La Plante's other creations Prime Suspect and Above Suspicion should find these to be quite good.

In Rules of the Game, a suitcase is found at Heathrow Airport. At first thought to be a terrorist threat it turns out to contain the body of strangled high class prostitute. The lead suspect is one of her clients, a Ukranian billionaire, but nothing is clear cut as the true plot unfolds.

Kill the King revolves around the death of a pediatric surgeon. Suspects are all around as the detectives learn that he was involved in the death of a young girl patient.

A man recently released from prison for a crime he maintains he didn't commit and the crime he was jailed for forms the center of Conviction. Can Walker and Connor and the rest of the team unravel the old case before things fall apart in the present?

In The Box, the father of a girl missing for eight years contacts the authorities because his daughter's husband has another wife that has gone missing under similar circumstances. Suspecting the husband may have killed them both, Mike Walker coordinates investigations in Scotland and England trying to work both cases.

The DVD set doesn't have any extras, but since it contains 4 full length movies, the extras aren't missed.

Review by Jason Pace
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