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Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Interesting Tidbits

Russell is Pixar's 1st ever Asian American character in their movies.

“Up” was released in theaters in 2009, but it was never released on 3D Blu-ray until now. “Up” is the story of a disgruntled widow, named Carl (Edward Asner), who used to be a balloon salesman. After living a life of dreaming of moving to Paradise Falls and becoming an explorer, at the ripe of age of 78 years old, he decides to go for it when he is forced to move out of his house. He devises a thoughtful and cost-effective plane to get to Paradise Falls without leaving his house behind. Unsuspectingly, he takes a junior explorer named Russell (Jordan Nagai) along for the ride. During their adventure, both characters encounter a fabled bird species, Carl’s childhood hero, and a bunch of talking dogs. All of this might not make any sense now, but I guarantee it will when you watch the movie.

After watching Pixar movies, I have become accustomed to the high quality and close attention to fine detail Pixar exudes in all of their movies. “Up” was no different and Pixar excelled in every aspect of the movie. The animations are the best in their field and they never disappoint. The 3D was amazing and always naturally subtle without the gimmicks. The music was very fitting and added so much to the mood of the scenes and the overall film. The voice acting and dialogue was perfect and the movie was full of one-liners and memorable jokes for both adults and kids. Lastly, they packed tons and tons of extras and bonus footage for fans of the movie and everyone that’s wants more of “Up.”

The minor flaw I could find was that some of the scenes might be too much for little to handle. As an adult, even I felt like crying during the sad scenes that involved Carl’s wife. Even though this movie did include a lot of fantasy elements, they also included a lot of real-life elements that a lot of people can relate to in this day and age (Russell’s father, Carl’s wife’s hardships, economic hardships, etc.). Pixar hit the mark by doing a good job of mixing comedy, action, adventure, and bringing out the raw emotions in an animated movie to make one heck of a film. This film is definitely worth watching and I highly recommend it. This was a great combo pack and it is perfect for both kids and adults. For those reasons, I am giving “Up” an “A.” 

Paul Arca
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