We Live In Sod Houses: Shark For A Week

Shark For A Week

(We Live In Sod Houses)
Release Date: 
Saturday, July 12, 2014
My first go round with We Live In Sod Houses latest release, Shark For A Week, I found myself dizzied by influence, or what I assume comes from influence. There’s really no telling unless you ask. 
The album is a progressive work that begins, well, kind of lackadaisical. Not so much without spirit, but the band (minus the drummer) seems to float through the first half of the album like they're practicing in the garage. 
What comes to mind is the whimsical slow play of Weezer, the indie charm of The Bedrooms, and lets just throw a dash of Sonic Youth in there. Vocals flirt with Daniel Johnston, Gordon Gano, and a stand on their own appeal that makes you raise an eyebrow and say, “Oh”. 
Lyrically the album is a collection of thoughts. There are some highlights of interest such as the relevant feel of Brothers and Sisters, but mostly the writing on the album is a bit formulaic and ignorable (if you choose), but all together the album has that indie appeal that makes for enjoyable listening whenever and, as stated above, the music goes from lackadaisical to more impressive as it goes on. Nothing revolutionary that I haven’t heard before, but in the cycle of things the album brings a sense of nostalgia that hits on some past winners. 
AJ Garcia
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