Wesley Wolfe: Numbskull


(Wesley Wolfe)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, May 6, 2014
North Carolina Singer/Songwriter Wesley Wolfe returns with his latest offering Numbskull. The album is an often times cynical look at life that’s ironically offered up in a high energy way that makes you smile, but also makes you think about a lot of the deep messages Wolfe offers his listeners.
The title track for the album pretty much sets the tone. Depending on where you’re coming from you can either be offended or enlightened by the fact that someone out there see’s the world the same way. 
“Fantasy keeps all us real people busy” is the opening line for the track. That’s pretty much life. We dive into our films and music and pop culture events to numb ourselves from the reality of life. We get so caught up and put so much stock in knowing these unimportant, yet important facts of information that help us connect on a shallow level with one another, sometimes even in a negative way that we fail to see the actual life we’ve been given. 
Wolfe goes on to talk about abandoning this way of life and seeing the rest of the world passing by. “Watching all the righteous kids die and become born again as adults. Dreams fade just as every passing night.” Simplistic, yet true. 
The entire album is a treasure trove of knowledgeable insights that blends well into a potpourri of inspirations from The Velvet Underground to Elliott Smith to Daniel Johnston. It’s an amazingly fulfilling experience that I would highly suggest to anyone that likes deep heartfelt music. Definitely check it out. 
AJ Garcia
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