Wrath of the Titans


2010’s Clash of the Titans was a disaster with its action driven sequences that made no sense of the plot and one of the worst 3D conversions to grace the cinema screen. Still, despite this the film was a financial success, grossing close to half a billion dollars.Wrath of the Titans continues the story of Perseus (Sam Worthington) as he continues to struggle with his demigod status and, of course, save the world from the impending doom that is surely about to befall.

Perseus and his now 10-year-old son have been quietly living a peaceful life as fishermen when their world is suddenly plunged into a massive battle between the gods and their father, Kronos the titan. You see, Wrath of the Titans is a film based around the most dysfunctional family around. Everyone in the film has some sort of father issues that need to be dealt with. What the film boils down to is the fact that somebody’s father didn’t love them enough. As a result, the entire world is on the brink of destruction.



Still, the script is miles above its predecessor. Perseus is on an actual mission this time around and has to travel deep into Tartarus to save his father Zeus and prevent Kronos from becoming all powerful. He is joined by fellow demigod Agenor (Toby Kebbell), the arrogant and thieving son of Poseidon (Rosamund Pike), and Andromeda, the princess whom he save in Clash. Other gods who appear in the film include Ares and Hephaestus, along with other mythical creatures such as the Cyclops and Minotaur.  There is an overall greater dedication to Greek mythology, and the world feels more fleshed out than before.

Another improvement is the 3D. After the horrendous conversion of the last film, Wrath of the Titans was actually filmed in 3D this time around. And it shows. The action is fast paced and the visuals are constantly in your face. The monsters are bigger than ever, and the 3D really captures the magnitude.

Wrath of the Titans still retains a heavy focus on the action driven storyline but overall offers a completely different experience over its predecessor. It draws from its vast mythological background and creates an over-the-top action experience worth seeing. 

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