Yael Naim: She Was A Boy

She Was A Boy

(Yael Naim)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, May 17, 2011
Can't wait?

If you just can't wait for May, you can always buy the import from across the pond.

Filled with emotion and soul, Yael Naim’s She Was A Boy is a delight to listen to from the first track to the last.

Perhaps you have heard of Yael Naim from her song “New Soul” which Apple featured in their MacBook Air commercials a couple of years ago. Maybe you have heard the song but didn’t know who it was by.  None of that matter here though, She Was A Boy is full of music to make you get to know Naim by name.

The first single from the disc is “Go To The River”, excellently arranged and very catchy, it accentuates her quirky style and unique voice.  And while every song showcases Yael’s voice, none of them show off her talent and range as well as “Today”, a deeply affecting and sober piano and voice number.

While the album was released elsewhere in the world last year, it comes out next month here in the US.  If you like bands such as Feist, Cat Power, or She & Him, then Yael Naim is right in your wheelhouse and well worth the listen.

Review by Jason Pace
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