The Queen (BLU-RAY)

Helen Mirren’s performance is haunting and truly was well-deserving of her Oscar.  Unfortunately, the rest of the movie has all the charm of a made-for-TV movie presented on BBC.  But, as I always say, I am not here to review the movie, just the presentation itself as those of you that are lookin... Read more

Deja Vu (BLU-RAY)

As far as Bruckheimer-produced movies go, Deja Vu is more Enemy of the State than Pirates of the Caribbean, but at least it is not that blasted Kangaroo Jack, which is great since this is from gritty director Tony Scott, who helmed Enemy.  Being a gritty movie, it's hard to imagine ANY of Scott's... Read more

G.I. Jane (BLU-RAY)

This was an awkward time for Director Ridley Scott.  Post-Alien and Pre-Gladiator, Scott was regarded as a great sci-fi director without the arms for a great drama.  Demi Moore was not thought of as an amazing actress but rather a decent leading lady.  Viggo Mortensen was, well, nobody before Lor... Read more

King Arthur: Director's Cut (BLU-RAY)

I was never a big fan of this movie but I am not here to review the movie itself as, if you are looking to buy this regardless of the slightly-more expensive Blu Ray costs, you have already made up your mind about the movie.... Read more

Finding Neverland (BLU-RAY)

This one is presented in my more-preferred 2.35:1 widescreen ratio.  The only difference in the tech specs between this disc and Chicken Little is that there are more language selections on this.  Not a big deal to me, but it may be to the millions of Chinese and Korean who are left off of the la... Read more

Chicken Little (BLU-RAY)

As this is a kid’s movie, it features the family-friendly 1.78:1 ratio Widescreen presentation (which the movie was created in).  With this presentation, there is no loss to the picture on any end of the movie.  It is not my preferred viewing, but  I would rather them present it in it’s original ... Read more