Video Game

Dragonball Z: Budokai

Dragonball Z Budokai offers numerous options of different game play. You can play out the story which follows the show very closely. You can journey through the Saiyan Saga and end at the Android Saga. If you rather you can join the world tournament to battle for champion and win prizes.... Read more


Deathrow, the latest addition to Ubi Soft's line-up for the Xbox, is a combination of "Bloodsport" and "Quidditch" (Harry Potter). The name itself makes you think of a dead man walking towards the gas chamber.... Read more

Hitman 2: Silent Assasin

For the right price you may find your friend in your sights. With a sense of loyalty and justice he's back! Are you ready? 47 ( the main character) has hung up his gear and took refuge in a Sicilian Monastery. That is until his friend, a priest, was abducted by the Cosa Nostra. Time for payback.... Read more

SSX Tricky

SSX Tricky puts you in the middle of the world snowboarding circuit.  You are given numerous choices of different snowboarders and a variety of courses. This game has a lot of stars behind it too. The voices of David Arquette, Jim Rose, Billy Zane, and Lucy Lui help bring life to the riders.... Read more