Season: 9
On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Smallville is a fun guilty pleasure, or at least it WAS for a few seasons.  Once the character of Lex Luthor left the show a few years back, the show took a deperate turn to make of for the loss of the charismatic Michael Rosenbaum, adding in a slew of characters, both villain and hero.

Good.  It's not great.  For some reason the CW blu-ray transfers just don't shine as well as other networks transfers, even those by Warner Bros.

Featurettes, commentary, deleted scenes.

The bonus features are a waste and not worth watching at all.  A few of the episodes in this season are entertaining but none of them capture what the first few seasons had.  Season 10 is supposed to be the final one so I look forward to seeing if they end it right or if they completely miss the mark as they have been lately.