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Stan Lee's Superhumans

When you hear the word superhero, most likely the first person to come to mind is Stan Lee. This is the man who has created countless fantastical superheroes, each with his or her own special powers and abilities.... Read more

Third Reich: Rise & Fall

Over the years we’ve seen many dramatizations and documentaries which shed light on Nazi Germany’s ferocious bid to conquer t... Read more

The Capture of the Green River Killer

To date, convicted of 49 murders, confessed to 71 and believed to have committed more than 90, the Green River killer is one of the most prolific serial killers in US history, and this is the story of the investigation that lead to his arrest.... Read more


Gangland: The Final Season lands on Blu-Ray March 29th ending The History Channels series about gangs in general leaving a lasting impression of gang violence, gang loyalty, and just how much of a problem they are in the United States.... Read more

Top Shot

Throughout history there have been stories about people taking a weapon and making some amazing shots.... Read more

Space 1999(BLU-RAY)

If only the year 1999 was actually like this show. ... Read more

Zorro The

When there is trouble or injustice around, when tyrants try to rule with impunity and without care to the welfare of the innocent, there must come a hero.... Read more

Baseball's Greatest Games: 1960 World Series Game 7

I am not a baseball aficionado by any means…but I used to be. For a period of about 2-3 years as a kid, I ate, drank, and slept baseball. I dreamt of being a major league pitcher, of going to the World Series, of pitching shutout game after shutout game.... Read more

The San Francisco Giants 2010 World Series Collector's Edition

Everyone knows the San Francisco Giants won the 2010 World Series. If you don't, you obviously must not be a baseball fan and reading this review won't matter to you either way. ... Read more