Anchor Bay

Tripping the Rift

Chode ( a purple blob alien) is captain of Jupiter 42 a starship.  His crew is made up of a beast named T’Nuk, his nephew Whip, a wimpy robot named Gus, and a sex slave Six. They battle Dark Clowns, the conformist Confederation, take on random jobs, and a trip back to the beginning of time.... Read more

Dead And Breakfast

Six friends are on a road trip to attend a wedding; but they get a little off course on the way and have to stop in a little country town for the night. The only place they can find to stay is a creepy Bed & Breakfast where some weird things are going on.... Read more

Ring Of Fire: The Emile Griffith Story

March 24th 1962 was the night that Emile Griffith and Benny “Kid” Paret would meet for their third and final match. This match would change the lives of many. Emile Griffith wins the match; but Paret loses his life.... Read more

Doogie Howser, M.D.

A genius and a doctor at age 17, Doogie finds himself struggling to still keep his youth. Lucky for him he has a sex-driven best friend Vinnie to bring him back into the teenage world from time to time. This season has Dr.... Read more

Highlander The Raven

Amanda Derieux is a thief, a beauty, and an immortal 1,200 years old Amanda has seen and done almost everything, or at least she thought. When she meets Nick Wolf, a detective, her life gets all turned around. Amanda faces moral conflicts when it comes to helping Nick or saving her own life.... Read more

The Hills Have Eyes Part II

Everyone's favorite desert-dwelling mutant cannibals return in this gruesome sequel to the classic drive-in shocker!... Read more