Tenchi Universe

Washu has invented the Dimensional Cause and Effect controller.  Based on the wish of who is controlling it the world alters to that form. All the girls want to have their chance; but they do not want to take turns.... Read more


Lukuss is an experimental city deep inside the Earth.  Ruled by gangs, the population of the city spends most of their lives hiding from violence in fear of losing their limbs. The only chance one has after losing limbs is a costly procedure, Texhnolyze that creates cybernetic limbs.... Read more

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar

Saga received a raise at her job. To prove she is worthy Saga works even harder and longer hours.  Sugar tries to help but causes more work for Saga. Meanwhile Salt and Pepper have found their “Twinkles” and can return to fairy world. Sugar needs Saga now more than ever.... Read more