Joshua Gray: Self Titled

Joshua Gray has aspirations. He’s tried his hand at Broadway, modeling, acting, and even collaborated with his brother Travis Gray in a Jazz Cabaret act. While Gray has been busy with all of these potential careers his one true love has always been music and this E.P.... Read more

Neil Scott Johnson & The HarmonyGuy Company: Tricked Out Country

Wow, do I hate listening to country music. I mean a lot. I'd rather listen to lawnmowers and wood working equipment instead, so you know when I was given "Tricked Out Country" by Neil Scott Johnson & The HarmonyGuy Company I immediately knew that I was going to hate it.... Read more

Corrine Bailey Rae: The Love E.P.

Just in time for that special Valentines Day event for you and the one you love, Leeds born singer/songwriter Corrine Bailey Rae releases her Love E.P. featuring five covers of love songs.... Read more

Seth Glier: The Next Right Thing

Seth Glier’s first album The Trouble With People was recorded in his basement over the course of three months without timelines or interference. Glier had stated that he was creating footage for a film rather then writing songs for an album.... Read more

Disney Jazz Volume 1: Everybody Wants To Be Cat

It’s hard to distinguish products from Disney that are essentially heart felt releases that are meant to really capture you and simple cash grabs that are put out without much thought.... Read more