New Moon

'Twilight' sequel 'New Moon' casts Caius

British actor Jamie Campbell-Bower has been cast as Volturi leader Caius in the Twilight sequel New Moon. The 20-year-old Taylor Hanson-lookalike, whose credits include RocknRolla and Sweeney Todd, tells BBC News that he will head to the set in June.... Read more

New posters for H2, Sherlock Holmes, New Moon and Angels & Demons!

Courtesy of Collider, we have a slew of new posters for you.  They may not be the prettiest (captured, apparently, on a camera phone or point and shoot) but they are here nonetheless.... Read more

Twilight's NEW MOON gets wolfpack

The Twilight sequel, New Moon, already started filming a few weeks ago but it is just now rounding out it's cast.... Read more

Third Twilight movie, ECLIPSE, greenlit

Indie house Summit Entertainment has already greenlit the third film in Stephanie Meyer's Twilight book series before lenses even start capturing the second film, New Moon.... Read more

Twilight sequel NEW MOON gets release date, no director yet...

Fledgling studio Summit Entertainment has announced November 20, 2009 for NEW MOON, the sequel to the box office phenom TWILIGHT, based on the book of the same name.  With pre-productio set to begin in Vancouver as early as THIS coming Monday, December 15, Summit's next announcement better be the... Read more