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Oxide Pang

Bangkok Haunted

Three women converge in a Bangkok pub to share individual tales of the supernatural. Drinks flow, secrets are revealed and a trio of stories illuminates what looms on The Other Side. ... Read more

The Eye 10

The Eye 10, also known as The Eye Infinity, also released as The Eye 3, is a 2005 horror film directed by the Danny and Oxide Pang, starring Wilson Chen, Kate Yeung, Isabella Leong, Bongkoj Khongmalai, Ray MacDonald and Kris Gu.... Read more

The Eye 2

Visionary Asian horror directors Oxide and Danny Pang offer another disconcerting look at the spirits of the dead in this sequel to their international hit The Eye.... Read more

The Eye (2002)

From the Hong Kong writer-director brother team of Oxide and Danny Pang, The Eye is a supernatural thriller exploring themes of vision and identity by charting the mysterious consequences of a highly experimental corneal transplant... Read more